This page is a retrospective, where I am taking a look back at all of the projects I have worked on while in school. This list contains works created for school projects, and personal passion projects I worked on alongside school. These projects range from video games, coding projects, stories and screenplays, and analytical papers. Some common threads are looking at the different ways we tell stories across different media, and looking at the ways culture can affect social issues.

Coding Projects

Jumpy Jump

This is a very small game that I made in an afternoon. It is a color-based platformer, in that you need to match your color to the platform you are on. This is an example of the types of small games that I like to make in my free time, and is a good example of my development style. This game is all written in a single C# script, and very little emphasis on graphical quality.

This is one of the more complete small games that I've made, and I wanted to include it in this list because it highlights how simple games can be. When you strip away all of the needless complexity and focus on a simple, single mechanic, you can walk away with something fun to play, with only a few lines of code. (Zachary Sharpe, Winter 2017)

In Her Image

An interactive story game where girl suddelny encounters her clone. Inspired by the book In His Image, The Cloning of a Man, by D. Rohrvik, however told from a female perspective, and a bit more comedic. "Is it possible to clone a Man?"(The Cloning of a Man, D. Rohrvik), what about a woman? What rights do clones have? Which groups are allowed to be cloned? What does sexuality and identity look like for a clone? This project also has a photoseries

I wanted to include this project because of the effort it took to create, and I am very happy with the way they turned out. This project was fun to make, and I like doing these types of media projects. (Zachary Sharpe & Allena Bassett, Fall 2017)

DnD Random Character Generator

This is a DnD randomized character sheet generator that I have been making off and on for the last few months. It is written in python, and will output a txt file with your character, race, class, equipment and alignment. The idea is that this script can be used two ways.

  • You and some friends can create a random character and play a single-night campaign with that character
  • You can use this to generate a simple character sheet for any NPC's that you encounter during a normal DnD sesh.

This is a project that is near to my heart, and it is something that I like to use as often as possible. I wanted to include it because I am proud of what I made, and it is quite nerdy.
(Zachary Sharpe, Winter 2017)


This is a project I worked on for my lover. We have a private Discord server and I put together a quick little bot to add some additional functionality to the server. This is still a work in progress as I continue to add more features.

I wanted to include this because it shows off how I like to demonstrate my love for people. I like to encorporate my skills to make nerdy projects for the ones I love. (Zachary Sharpe, Fall 2017)

Python Word Count

This is a project I worked on for a Language and Cultural Knowledge class. This script will take a .txt file as an input, and return the top 100 most used words in the text. Used to parse through years and years of writing to pull out common word choices and to begin detecting a writers style.

I wanted to include this project because I took a normal assignment and turned it into a coding project. (Zachary Sharpe, Fall 2017)

Culture Analysis

Iran and the Hijab

This was the final project for my Girls on Film class. This project used the film Persepolis to explore the history of the Hijab in Iran. This project looked at the differences between the culture before and after the Iranian Revolution in the early 1970's.

I added this because it took a lot of effort to get this just right, and it is one of the more comprehensive final projects I was a part of. (Zachary Sharpe & Zahra Mohammadhosseini, Spring 2017)

Global Slavery in a Contemporary Setting

This is an essay I did as a part of a study abroad in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. This examines issues surrounding contemporary slavery, with an emphasis on how we can alleviate the struggling of those in strife.

I included this piece because it is a topic that is seldom discussed, but it is something which affects more people than most would realize. (Zachary Sharpe, Spring 2014)

A Clockwork Orange, Cultural Context and Critique

This is an analysis paper written for a Queer Cinema class I took. This paper looks at the film A Clockwork Orange and how audiences would have percieved it when it was released. The historical audience chosen for this project was teen and young-adult LGBTQ cinema-goers. This paper looks at some of the concepts portrayed in the film, and how the chosen historic audience would have percieved the film given the cultural background of the era.

I have chosen to include this essay because it is something that took a significant amount of effort, and I greatly enjoy this film. If I can encourage more people to watch it and understand the difficult story it tries to tell, then I will do so at any cost. (Zachary Sharpe, Spring 2016)

A World of Connection, Map Analysis

This essay is an analytical look at two different maps. These maps tell a similar story, but are over 60 years apart. This was for a class I took called The Power of Maps, where we looked at how maps are created, how they can be used for political means, and most importantly, how maps tell stories.

I have added this because I love maps, and I was very excited to be able to take a mapping class and explore the types of stories which can be told through mapping. (Zachary Sharpe, Winter 2016)

Poetry and Social Change

This essay looks at how social change is addressed in various forms of poetry. What are some of the biggest social issues affecting us today? Who are some classic and contemporary poets who write about these issues? This essay looks at the works of Audrey Lorde and Scroobius Pip and how they perceive contemporary social issues.

I have included this project because it is a good combination of the poetry I like, while also looking at social issues. (Zachary Sharpe, Spring 2016)

Story Projects

How Games Tell Stories

This is a blog series I have been working on. Although I only have the first analysis done, this will hopefully be a semi-weekly article I will write. The goal is to look, analytically, at different games and the different ways in which they convey narrative and character development in an inherently interactive medium.

I chose to include these because I feel that they are a summation of what I have been working towards during college. I want to go into video game development and design so this is a way for me to look at how games successfully, or unsuccessfully, tell stories, and what we can learn from them. (Zachary Sharpe, Fall 2017)


This photoseries questions the ideas of religious holidays which have had an emphasis on the ritualistic killing of animals. There are many religions and ideologies which focus on the gathering of people around a feast of dead animals. This series questions what might a holiday, such as easter, look like with a different dominant species. We took a dark approach to imagining what easter might look like if rabbits were the dominant species on the planet, and how they might treat humans if we were merely part of a special holiday feast.

I chose to add this because I am very happy with how it turned out, and I think it is one of the best works I have been a part of during my college career. (Zachary Sharpe, Winter 2016)

The Final Stand

This is a screenplay for a short film made for a Screenwriting class I took in spring of 2017. This screenplay looks at the trials and stresses surrounding the loss of a loved one, and how people cope with such a tragedy. This is a single scene, and the story doesn't resolve with a happy ending, and this was done on purpose to help make it reflect reality.

I wanted to include this because it is another media which I have worked with during college. My goal was to work with as many different media as possible during my time in college, and I want to show off some of the different media creation skills I have learned. (Zachary Sharpe, Winter 2017)