I like to work on a variety of projects, some of these are funcional apps/sites/games, some are just code. Take a look through and see what you think!

Hack Attack


A simple 'Simon Says' style game with a hacker theme. You recieve prompts on the screen on how to configure the hacking device in order to break through your enemies firewalls.

Tech Stack
  • Html/CSS
  • Vanilla JS



A habit tracker app, you can create an account and keep a list of all of the habits you want to track. Then you can log each time you did an activity that worked towards your habits.

Tech Stack
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Express
  • Node



A simple travel blog website with an 80's-synth-pop color theme. You can create an account and write an article about a city that you've visited, then others can see your posts and learn more about what to do in that city.

Tech Stack
  • Django/Python
  • Postgres
  • Bootstrap

My Garage


I love bikes, and biking, so I wanted to make a tool where I list all of my bikes and track mileage and any services/cleaning that I've done. I eventually want to integrate Google Fit/Strava to fetch the most recent bike ride and automatically add that to your bikes mileage and show routes.

Tech Stack
  • Django/Python
  • Postgres
  • Materialize



This was a small weekend project with a focus on backend tools I hadn't used before. A simple url shortener

Tech Stack
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Express
  • Node

Other Projects

Jumpy Jump

This is a very small game that I made in an afternoon. It is a color-based platformer, in that you need to match your color to the platform you are on.

In Her Image

A girl suddelny encounters her clone. Inspired by the book In His Image, The Cloning of a Man, by D. Rohrvik, however told from a female perspective, and a bit more comedic. "Is it possible to clone a Man?"(The Cloning of a Man, D. Rohrvik), what about a woman? What rights do clones have? Which groups are allowed to be cloned? What does sexuality and identity look like for a clone? This project also has a photoseries

DnD Random Character Generator

This is a DnD randomized character sheet generator that I have been making off and on for the last few months. It is written in python, and will output a txt file with your character, race, class, equipment and alignment. The idea is that this script can be used two ways.

  • You and some friends can create a random character and play a single-night campaign with that character
  • You can use this to generate a simple character sheet for any NPC's that you encounter during a normal DnD sesh.


This is a project I worked on for my lover. We have a private Discord server and I put together a quick little bot to add some additional functionality to the server. This is still a work in progress as I continue to add more features.

Python Word Count

This is a project I worked on for a language class. This script will take a .txt file as an input, and return the top 100 most used words in the text. Used to parse through years and years of writing to pull out common word choices and to begin detecting a writers style.

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